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15 June 2023
Niobrara State Park
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NWCA History

The Nebraska Weed Control Association (NWCA) has been active since its organization on June 30, 1959. At the time it was organized, there were only weed districts. These districts were originally organized only in those counties that desired to have a weed control district. After considerable hard work, this group was formed into and organization to work toward a definite goal. The intent was to work toward a law that would make weed control compulsory in every county in the state as well as to promote the profession and professionalism of the weed superintendent. In late 1965, the weed law, as we now know it, was voted into being by the legislature and became active on January 1, 1966. Over the years, a number of changes and amendments have been made to the Noxious Weed Control Act. The most recent was in 1989. During the past years, the membership of the NWCA has grown steadily. Currently, the membership is usually around the 95% to 100% mark, thus helping to make the NWCA a very strong organization. Not only has the membership grown, but so have the obligations of this association to its membership. In 1959, those who helped organize the NWCA realized they needed the help of a state organization to back their needs and desires when a state weed law was to be presented. The association between the NWCA and the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) today is very strong. The object of the association is to advance the interests of agriculture through the improvement of weed control programs, uniformity in services and charges, proper chemical usage, and product quality and control. One of the NWCA's original prime functions was to employ a legal counsel to represent it before any session of the legislature that may act on proposed laws concerning weed control measures within the state. It would also formulate and voice approval or disapproval of proposed laws whenever the need arose. Today the NWCA has it own legislative committee that keeps watch on the legislature and represents the association on issues concerning the weed law. The NWCA has many active committees currently working for the association, including the education committee who is responsible for meeting the weed law requirements, offering four 10 hour educational opportunities for weed control superintendents to attend each year. In recent years the NWCA has been very active in bio-control efforts, educating the public on noxious weeds at the State Fair, Husker Harvest Days and other farm and ranch shows around the state. NWCA is also the lead agency for Weed Free Forage Certification in the state. NWCA memberships are open to all county weed control authorities and superintendents. Associate memberships are open to certain others in weed control work or associated professions. The governing body of the NWCA consists of a board of director elected from members of each of the six regions. A President, Vice - President, Secretary / Treasurer are elected by the total membership. The NWCA is the only organization that will represent county weed control authorities and county weed control superintendents and back the desire for good weed control programs and measures within the state.

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